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My awesome sale finds!

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I’ve been feeling unwell today, left work before lunch and have been in bed since that. I still wanted to do a post about my sale finds from the past few weeks, and I’m very pleased with my finds. Some of this stuff I have been eyeing for AGES, but since I try not to spend so much (erm, still shopping all the time.. I do have a slight problem, haha) I have resisted buying them in full price and taking the risk that they never go on sale. Some of these you have seen in my earlier posts, but I still wanted to include them in this post, since they are awesome sale finds ;). If you want to check them out and purchase your own, the images are links to the products.

Dorothy Perkins

Stone Bow Print Cardigan, £15 (was £28) – and got extra 25% off, so paid £11.25

New Look

Inspire Stripe Skater Dress, £11 (was £26.99) – out of stock already

Inspire Swallow Print Dress, £12 (was £24.99) – out of stock already

Inspire High Waisted Coloured Skinny Jean in coral (also available in green), £13 (was £26.99)

Inspire Floral Body Con Dress, £8 (was £19.99)

Inspire Leopard Print Mini Skirt, £7 (was £17.99)

Tie Front Tee, £5 (was £12.99)


Curve Ovoid Coat In Black And Orange Check, £36 (was £100)

Curve Exclusive Party Playsuit With Lace, £16 (was £40)

Simply Be

Button Front Denim Skirt, £9 (was £30) – and got extra 10% off, so paid £8.10

One Stop Plus

Satin Blouse, £5.20 (was £13) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £4.42

Bolero, £6.45 (was £11) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £5.61

Openwork Knit Leggings, £3.30 (was £11) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £2.80

Leather Look Leggings, £11 (was £35) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £9.35

I also got ALL of these with free delivery, so no money wasted on that either ;). Completely amazing, eh?

OK, let’s do some maths. IF I would have bought these in normal price (and I seriously did eye most of these before, like the amazing Inspire swallow dress), the total would be a whopping £397.94 and now I paid £119.25!!! Sometimes waiting does pay off – although it is a risk that you will miss something you really want – and yes, I am really happy! (Here’s hoping that everything fits me when they arrive.. haha.)

So what do you think of my haul readers? And have you made great sale finds lately?


My latest ASOS purchases, and tomorrow’s OOTD!

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Yes, I have been shopping again.. no news there.. ;). Last week I heard that ASOS are having 25% off selected items, so of course I rushed to see what they had reduced. The denim joggers quickly went into my shopping basket, and then I checked Outlet if they had anything nice.. so yeah, these all ended up in the package (images are links):

So, I have been drooling after those denim joggers since I did my pastels post, and I had to get them. The coat is something that I have been wanting for ages, especially after seeing the amazing Jessica‘s post about it a while ago. She looks so beautiful in the coat that I wanted to try and see if I can pull it off. The playsuit then.. well, I have always wanted to find one that suits me. I have short legs and long back, and my bottom size is 2 sizes bigger than my top, so it would definitely be a challenge to find one that looks good. In the past I have ordered another one from ASOS, in which Rosie and Gazel are both looking stunning!!! I on the other hand looked absolutely ridiculous in it. I didn’t let that upset me, and I decided to try this one, since it was only £16. And the trousers.. no story behind them, they were just cute and cheap. Haha ;).

I ripped the package open and tried the joggers on first. HORRIFYING sight in the mirror, I tell you. I almost cried. They look stunning on the model, but since my waist size is so huge and my legs so short the jeans were disgusting. Couldn’t even take a picture. Same thing with the red trousers.. they are supposed to be cropped, but of course they went down to my ankles. This has surely put me off for ASOS trousers for a while. Oh well, there clearly is a reason why I live in leggings 99.5% of the time!

But this gets better, soooo much better…

Coat: 22, ASOS Curve

The pic is not the best, but the coat is pretty! I love how unique (yes, I do realise it is not exactly unique, haha) it looks, and the orange colour is so vibrant and uplifting! And my coat is UK size 22, and it’s roomy and cosy. I can definitely recommend it, and it is a bargain now, down from £100 to £36! I don’t care how warm it will be tomorrow, I will wear it :).


Had to use the flash so that you can see better!

I absolutely love it! I can’t believe how nicely it fits, and the shoulder parts are adjustable, so you can customise them to fit you. They still have size 26 left, so go get yours NOW :)!!! (Too excited. Yes, I know.)

I love it so much that I will definitely wear it to work tomorrow. There’s lace and sparkles, but I will dress it down with flats and my new cardigan (from DP sale). What do you think? And have you made good sale finds lately?

Cardigan: 20, Dorothy Perkins | Playsuit: 26, ASOS Curve | Leggings: 16/18, Primark | Shoes: 7, Primark (thrifted) (similar)| Glasses: LensWay


OOTN: Flatmate’s Birthday

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My flatmate had her birthday party at a pub yesterday, and I really haven’t been out in ages! I wanted to dress up and look pretty :). I wore my teal Primark dress that I originally bought for Plus London Two, but didn’t want to wear then since the weather was so cold. I got the dress for £5, which was a total bargain! I teamed it up with purple leggings, bag and belt.

Dress: 20, Primark (similar) | Belt: XL, Dorothy Perkins (same in black, green & tan, different belt in similar colour) | Bag: Accessorize (similar) | Leggings: 20, Primark (similar in purple) | Booties: 7, Evans (similar)

The cute lock and key charm of the belt

I had a really nice time, it’s always nice to get a bit drunk, haha ;). And I liked to dress up a bit! What do you think of the outfit? What did you wear the last time you went out?


OOTD: I love my new denim jacket!

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I’m sure you all know that Dorothy Perkins has had 25% off everything for the past week.. And I of course made an order, I couldn’t resist ;). The main thing I wanted to order was a cropped denim jacket. I have wanted one for ages, and the last straw for me was when I saw this post by the awesome Becky. She looks so cute in hers that I knew I had to have one! I commented and she suggested that I should check Dorothy Perkins. THANK YOU for that Becky, because I found what I was looking for in this jacket!

I’m so happy for the warmer weather, since I knew I had to wear the jacket straight away when it arrived! Ready to see it on me?

Denim jacket, 22, Dorothy Perkins | Scarf: H&M (similar)

Belt: KappAhl (similar) | Brogues: Primark (similar coloured cute loafers)

Dress: 2X, Forever 21+ (three most similar I could find: 1 2 3) | Top (only seen in sleeves): 14, Primark (similar) | Leggings: 16/18, Primark

In this outfit I wanted to mix the teal stripes of my dress with mustard accessories, and I think they work together great, I felt really good in this outfit :). And the jacket? I LOVE IT. I feel that it goes with everything, and since it’s cropped I can actually button it up as well. (If it wasn’t, my belly would be on the way, haha.) The light wash of the jacket is great, since I wear mostly dark clothes, so it brightens up my outfits. The only bad thing about the jacket is that the arms are quite small, so I won’t be able to wear it with a chunky knit top for example, since my arms wouldn’t fit in then. That wasn’t a reason for me to send it back though, since I will be wearing the jacket mostly on spring-summer time, when chunky knits are not needed! Pockets would also be a plus, but not necessary. Unless you’re quite big in your arms, I would definitely recommend this jacket, made me so happy and smiley since I put it on :).

Have you got a denim jacket? Cropped or regular length? What kind of outfits will you be wearing with yours?


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