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Personal: Why are my fat legs a problem?

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Hey readers,

This will be a ranty post. Just a warning if you don’t want to read anything triggering etc. And I’m not writing this to offend anyone who feels opposite, I just want to get this out of my head and into my blog. I haven’t written personal stuff like this here before, but I feel it’s time now.

So, I have been very lucky that both Evans and Simply Be have featured me on their Facebook pages. I want to thank both companies for doing that, I feel really honoured that they want me as one of the examples on how to wear their items. I just hope that the negativity that my photos have brought in doesn’t put them off and they might want to feature me again someday. I did get lots of support too, and many people seem to like my style. THANK YOU for all of you who were nice and lovely :)!

Before I go to any detail I want to let you all know that these comments have NOT made me sad, they have NOT knocked my confidence, AND they have not made me feel less beautiful in any way. I have confidence in my style and I know what suits me and what is comfortable for me to wear. The comments have only made me laugh (some are just too damn funny), and they have made me annoyed. I will continue wearing stuff my way, because – like I said in one of the replies I wrote for the comments – I like what I see in the mirror when I dress this way, MY way. I wonder if any of those commenter ladies do themselves? They seem to think that ‘big women can’t do this and big women can’t do that’. WHY CAN’T WE?!? Who has made these rules? IS IT A CRIME?

Ok, let me show you the comments (although the rudest ones have been deleted by the Evans and Simply Be teams). Here’s me at Evans Facebook page. The FIRST comment (that has been deleted), freaking FIRST one, said something along the lines: ‘She should use fake tan!’ That honestly made me laugh. I have never been a fake tan person, I’m way too lazy to start doing stuff like that, so it has never even crossed my mind that I should. And WHY? I look tanned in the summer if it has been sunny, and pale if not. That’s how I like it. But does fake tan hide my fat legs? NO. But yeah anyway, after seeing all the comments so far, I replied: ‘Thank you ladies. And well sorry, I’m not a fake tan person. I show my pale fat legs happily :)’ To which she replied (deleted again) something like this: ‘Why do you post your pics here if you don’t want people to comment. Fool.’ I MEAN SERIOUSLY?!? Did I tell her not to comment? NO. Did I post my pic there? NO I DIDN’T, Evans did cos they wanted to feature me. And why is she calling me a fool? Was my reply rude? NO. I assume that she can’t really read, since my reply had no reasons for her to call me a fool.

Oh well, moving on.. to me at Simply Be Facebook page. This outfit is actually one of my favourites ever (see the post here if you haven’t already), and I’m kind of shocked how LOVE or HATE the response is at SB Facebook. Does that mean that I’m trendy? Fashionable? POPULAR? Usually that kind of things people either hate or love, that there’s no middle ground. Anyway, some of the negative comments are just silly.. for example someone is saying that the wall behind me needs more paint. WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE OUTFIT?!?! I seriously laughed when reading that, and for that commenters information, I rent a room in one of the three flats in this house. Believe me lady, I have NO authority to say anything when it comes to painting the house :D. But yeah, I want to do a kind of ‘Q&A’-type of thing about some of the main issues that the negative commenters seem to have with this outfit/me/my style.

‘Why do you post your pic here if you don’t want comments’
Well AGAIN, I didn’t post it, Simply Be did. They actually think that I look good in the outfit. Imagine that! *shock, horror*

‘Skirt is too short and she should wear flats, this makes her knees look fat’
You know what, my knees don’t just look fat. THEY ARE FAT. But like I said in one of my responses, I prefer to show my wobbly knees RATHER than look short and stumpy. We all have out own preferences and our own insecurities. I personally don’t hate my fat knees, but I hate looking short, since my legs are really short to begin with. And OBVIOUSLY shorter skirt and heels make legs look longer. So I choose to do the one I like more. Which is showing my knees. Sorry if that offends you people.

‘Skirt is too highwaisted, looks like her boobs are resting on the waistband, she should wear the skirt on her natural waist’ ‘the skirt makes her look like a barrel’ ‘she looks much bigger than she is’
OH BUT THAT IS MY NATURAL ‘WAIST’! I wish these people would have gone to see my actual post before commenting, YOU CAN SEE from the side that my belly is huge, and that the narrowest place of my body is just below my boobs. I wish I had an hourglass-body, don’t we all, but I don’t, and I’m trying to make the best of the body I’ve got. So I wear my skirts just under my boobs, end of story. And do these people know me in real life? DO THEY KNOW HOW BIG I REALLY AM? I actually think that I dress quite well to flatter my shape, and I look smaller in those leather-skirt pics than in real life (not that it matters, but for these people it seems to matter.) I might look like a barrel, but that’s cos I AM. If these people could see what it looks like if I’d wear this skirt where my waist would be IF I was an hourglass, and if it’s below my knees.. OH WAIT. I CAN SHOW THEM. I’ll do better, I’ll add flats too, AND a looser shirt (yes there was comments on the shirt too)!

OH MY ACTUAL GOD. If anyone actually thinks that THAT is more flattering on my body than this below.. well let’s just say that they need to go and have their eyes checked.

Yeah, case closed. These pics just TOTALLY convinced me that I know how to dress my body. Now I just need those whiners to see this..

I did have a point in this rant though. People have their own ways to dress, and bodies (ESPECIALLY plus size bodies) are all different shapes. What works for some shapes might look totally horrible in some. That’s one of the reasons why brands like to use us bloggers as ‘models’, and post our pics on their sites, for customers to see how the item might look on them and their body type. So the point is, don’t assume you know the persons preferences and what parts of their body they are confident and not confident showing. What YOU dislike about your own body might be someone else’s favourite part of theirs. So if you want to say something offensive, think about this fact first and reconsider. It’s different giving constructive criticism than thinking that someone else might have same insecurities than you. Some of us fatties don’t mind our fat knees! Aaaaaaaand rant over.

Oh by the way, like you all can see, that skirt is not ACTUALLY short, it’s just short on me, since my ‘waist’ is so high. So don’t blame Simply Be for doing short skirts (like some people did on the comments).. it’s just short on a body shape like mine. Which I prefer anyway ;)


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