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Double Vision: Varsity

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Hey lovelies,

After a few week’s break, it is time for Double Vision again! In this challenge my amazing friend Dani and I are choosing a theme, item, movie character.. whatever we come up with basically, and style those our own way and post at the same time, more about the challenge here. This week’s theme was chosen by me, and I went with ‘Varsity’. It seems that this trend is everywhere now, with tops and jackets with big letters on them, and tops with ‘Nerd’, ‘Jock’, ‘Dork’..etc on them. Other part of me finds it cheesy, but the other one loves it :D.

My love for the trend started when I saw this sweater at New Look. Since my name is Hanna, I might as well own a sweater with a huge ‘H’ on it, right? For this challenge post I went for a ‘fat cheerleader’ look, haha, sadly I don’t own pompoms ;)

Double Vision: Varsity
Double Vision: Varsity
Double Vision: Varsity
Double Vision: Varsity

Sweater: 24, New Look Inspire (varsity sweaters at New Look Inspire: 1, 2 & ASOS Curve, t-shirts at New Look Inspire: 1, 2 & ASOS Curve, baseball jacket at New Look Inspire) | Skirt: 20, Primark (A-line skirt at Forever 21+, skater skirt at ASOS Curve) | Tights*: 22-26, Lycra Xceptionelle 40 denier 3D tights from Yours Clothing | Wedge sneakers: Matalan (similar at Debenhams, similar at Boohoo) | Glasses: LensWay (similar at Select Specs) | Lippy: Maybelline Colorsensational in Pleasure Me Red (similar by MAC)

Now let’s go over to DIY Fatshion and see what Dani wore!


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Skinted to Minted Challenge

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Hello lovelies,

Once again I’m very sorry for my absence, especially with outfit-photos. I haven’t been feeling well, I have been crazy busy, AND the weather has been horrible – so not a good combination for outfit photos. I should be back in full force this coming week though, and I have some exciting posts coming. For example I will be doing a styling session (my blog birthday giveaway) on Monday, and can’t wait to share the results with you all :)!

So, what is this post all about then? Well, a few weeks ago this happened:

My beloved clothing rack collapsed! It was a total wake up-call, and I knew I had to do a blogsale. SOON. I cleared the stuff from the floor, and seriously couldn’t believe how the rack had served me even this long.. for example this pile is ONLY scarves:

That is just insane.. and the amount of dresses and skirts was even more insane. I think there was 50+ dresses and 40+ skirts in that rack (don’t ask me how it was possible to have them all there, I have no clue), plus these scarves.

So, I cleared stuff to my selling pile, and tried to still make the rack work without its top-bits..

(However there was way too much stuff and it collapsed two days later..)

BUT.. talking about a good timing, I was contacted by myHermes the next day asking if I wanted to be involved in a ‘Skinted to Minted’ challenge for bloggers. They offered me £25 credit to their postage services, and wanted to know how much money I could make with that. So, I set up my blogsale – over 70 items – and offered a free delivery to some people from the UK, mostly to ones who bought multiple items. And the result.. I made exactly £100 with the items that I sent to buyers using the £25 credit from myHermes. I’m very happy with this result, and I want to thank myHermes for including me in this challenge! If I count in stuff that I sent overseas and to UK buyers without using myHermes – I made almost £200 in total, woohoo :)!

And what I have done with my extra money? Obviously I HAD TO shop for a bit of new clothes ;), but the main thing is that I bought TWO new clothing racks, and now I can actually browse through my dresses and skirts without using force and energy, haha!

ps. If you want to give myHermes a try, use the discount code ‘thewardrobechallenge20‘ to get 20% off your first order!

ps2. There’s still some items left in the blogsale – make me an offer of £1-5 for any item and I’m VERY likely to accept it :)!


Personal: My first website

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Hello my lovelies,

Sorry for the quietness here on the blog, I have been really busy lately and haven’t had a chance to take outfit photos. So hey, what could be a better chance to do another more personal post?

There is an on-going competition at about websites, about your FIRST website in particular, and you can win a MacBook Pro! (See more information on the competition and how to enter HERE.) I’m sure some of you know that I’m working as a digital artworker/designer in my daily life, but with this post I can tell you a bit more about my past, especially when it comes to design.

I guess technically the first website I made was back in high school in 1997 (yes I am THAT old) with ugly bright colours and bad HTML.. but I don’t really count that as my first website, haha ;). So, in 2001 I was 23, studying multimedia and started getting more into HTML and design. I was also a huge BSB fan, so quite obviously my first website was inspired by them. I wanted to do a fansite, but I knew I’d never have the time and patience to update all the news and images etc, that is really hard work, and it is time-consuming to keep up with everything like that. So I wanted my first site to be a domain where I could host little fansites and cliques under my domain name.

The name of my domain was, and the name came from a song of the same name by Willa Ford, Nick Carter’s ex-girlfriend (yes, a bit creepy, I know). I felt that the name fit me.. my heart has always been haunted in some ways, never been lucky in love etc. Yes, it would still fit actually. I ended up having the domain for almost 10 years. First 4-5 years I hosted other people’s sites, and for the latter time it was my personal blog. See, I was a blogger before it became cool ;).

I designed the website’s graphics with Adobe Photoshop, which today is my main tool at work. I worked on the code with the help of Adobe Dreamweaver (back then it was called Macromedia Dreamweaver), searching Altavista (time before Google, hey) for codes, and also with some help from more code-savvy friends. Part of me is sad that I don’t have any images of my layouts to show you, but another part is happy, since they would make me seriously cringe. I knew nothing about design ‘rules’, I used way too crazy fonts, too many ‘artistic’ brushes and textures. Yeah, the professional design-person that I am now would NEVER use that kind of design. I am proud of the site though, and especially the coding parts. I have forgotten most of what I could do then, and that is a shame. Although my site was only optimized for Internet Explorer (MEGA cringe!!!), so codes like that wouldn’t even work in today’s browsers, haha.

If you are thinking of a career in digital design, or interested in seeing what I do today, please message me and I’m happy to answer any questions and/or share my portfolio with you.


*This is an example post to be used for marketing the competition and is not an actual entry*

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Hello lovelies,

I have listed items on sale at my selling blog, go have a look :)! I will be adding more during these following days, there is plenty of goodies still to come..


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