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Dreaming of a Holiday

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(Valitettavasti en kääntänyt tätä postausta suomeksi.)

First of all, let me confess something: I have actually never been on a beach holiday, or a pool-side holiday for that matter. All my previous holidays have been city breaks, and as much as I love them (especially my gorgeous New York), I do want to go for a proper lazy, sunny holiday as well. So I guess it isn’t a surprise that a holiday like that is something that I find myself daydreaming about quite often. I’d want to go somewhere with clear water, stunning scenery and not too many other tourists. I’d love to go with my best girlfriends, just be totally lazy, enjoy the sun and swimming, and of course sip some cocktails. And in the evenings we’d obviously have some more cocktails in some gorgeous bar. All that definitely sounds perfect, if only I could afford something like it! What I can afford though is dreaming about it, and I did a little wishlist what I’d like to pack with me if I was going.

These two Monif C bikini sets would be the key pieces of my dream wardrobe for a sunny holiday. First I’d wear the black one, and after getting a bit tanned I’d wear the neon orange one. Monif C does the most amazing swimwear for plus-size ladies, and I’d be so happy to rock these on the beach!

The rest of my dream wardrobe would consist of a few dresses (paisley and tropical from Junarose, black from New Look), flip flops from Roxy, two pairs of sandals (orange from ASOS, nude from Love Sasha), a few pairs of sunglasses (nude from ASOS and black from Love Sasha), some cool jewellery (long layered necklace, a palm tree necklace and bright statement necklace, all from New Look), and a floral straw hat from Love Sasha. All of them would be packed in this gorgeous Antler luggage. Obviously I would still need sunscreen and some bright lipsticks, but I have plenty of those already… at least I can live that part of this dream! ;)

** written in association with Love Sasha **

Images copyrights Love Sasha, Monif C, New Look, ASOS, Junarose, Roxy, Antler


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