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Fatshion Faceoff

Fatshion Faceoff was born when Dani of DIY Fatshion and I were talking about how fun blog challenges are and that we wanted to be a part of them.. so basically we decided to start our own! We started in March 2012 and were joined by Olivia of Wait Until The Sunset, Mouna of Brussels Fatshion and Mhairi of Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps.

We take turns in choosing an item of clothing/an accessory or a theme, and every other Wednesday at the same time we publish a post where we have styled that item/theme in our own way. The girls keep inspiring me week after week, and I really love being a part of this challenge. You can see all my Fatshion Faceoff posts here.

Double Vision

So Dani of DIY Fatshion and I started Fatshion Faceoff, but since the beginning we were also talking about doing some kind of challenge just the two of us. If you are a reader of both of our blogs you might have noticed that we have A LOT of same/similar items of clothing, and we send each other clothing packages every once a while.. and we have become really great friends during our blogging journey that we started around the same time. We have silly chats over Skype and we make plans for our blogs and ask each others opinions on outfits etc. So I’m extremely happy to do this challenge with her <;3.

Double Vision is different to Fatshion Faceoff in a way that we’re not limiting ourselves to only items of clothing, one week we might be using the same movie for outfit inspiration, the next we might find an outfit worn by a celebrity and do our own spin on it. We post at the same time during weekends, we haven’t really set a time for it, we just text each other and figure out the time. I really love this challenge, since Dani and I are both such hoarders and we find anything in our wardrobes, haha. You can see all my Double Vision outfits here.


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