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I’m a 30-something Finnish fat girl, who has been living in London since summer 2009. I work as a digital artworker/designer at an advertising agency and I’m single. (Know any eligible bachelors..? ;) Feel free to contact me!) I guess this is already clear to you, but I love fashion and shopping! I studied Fashion Marketing for a year when I first moved here, but realised that even though it was interesting, going to uni wasn’t really my thing. I need to actually create something, not just think about marketing plans. So with this blog I can combine these things. I can do marketing, but I can also create. I plan on doing styling in any way that I can, from picking items of clothing from online shops and bringing them together in example outfits (S/S 2012 Trends: Pastels is a good example of that) to posting my own OOTDs. In the future I would love to do styling for people (I have done that for years for my friends and they’ve all been happy, so if you want me to help you with styling, please see my contact details below), maybe some day I could get paid doing that. Right now I’m happy with my job and having fashion as a hobby, but I’m open to a different future :).

The site

The idea (and name) of this blog.. well, let me copy-paste what I wrote on 27th Nov 2011, when I started my Tumblr blog.

Reason for this blog.. that I tried to clean my shoe closet yesterday, and found shoes that I didn’t even remember having! Then I took a look at my wardrobe, and well, you can guess that it was the same thing there, even worse actually.

So I decided that I will challenge myself and the way I dress, and that I will wear EVERY SINGLE ITEM in my closet at least once. (Well I won’t if the item doesn’t actually fit me, which might be the case in a few of them..)

I have fallen into a habit of just quickly choosing something to wear for the next day in the evening, then sleeping as long as possible and just quickly dressing up in the morning and leaving. So I have to try to wake up maybe 20mins earlier than usual and actually try to put on some make-up too. I’ve become way too lazy and it needs to stop!

So yeah, I haven’t worn exactly the same outfit twice since that! I have been shopping tons of new ones though ;). I want to keep this up, and challenge myself to try new things. And especially bin the thoughts from my head that say: “Fatties can’t wear that and that!”


I am willing to do product reviews, as long as they are suitable for a plus size fashion blog. This includes any plus size fashion (or the top range of regular sizing), footwear, jewellery, other accessories and make-up. I would give my 100% honest opinion though, so if you’re ok with that please see below for contact details.

Sponsored posts

I am willing to do sponsored posts, the same rules apply to them than for reviews in a way: they need to be suitable for a plus size fashion blog and they have to suit my values as well. So for example diet-companies would be a no-no in this blog, since this blog is about fat acceptance and ‘to each their own’. If you’re interested in sponsoring a post, please see below for my contact details and ask for my rates/make an offer.


You can find me on twitter @fattyschallenge, and I also blog on Tumblr. But you can always contact me by email at [email protected], which I prefer you’d do if you want to contact me about reviews/sponsored posts/affiliate programs.


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