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Bra Fit event at Debenhams

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(Suomeksi alla, paitsi kuvatekstit kuvien alla)

A few weeks ago a few of us bloggers were invited to a Bra Fit event at Debenhams Oxford Street. I’m sure you’ve noticed earlier on the blog that I’m very much a bra fit enthusiast :). Since I first got properly fitted, I try to get fitted again every 6 months to be sure that I’m wearing my right size. And this event came at the right time, as I felt that maybe my size was a bit off again (don’t you just love it that if you gain/lose any weight, it shows in your boobs instantly and messes up your bra size, haha).

First we listened to a talk by ladies from Freya. They talked about bras for fuller busts and showed us some gorgeous Freya-bras that got me drooling. After the talk I got my fitting with the lovely Hannah from Curvy Kate, and like I suspected, my size had changed again. In Curvy Kate bras I was now a 38HH, and in Elomi bras a 40GG. (Yes, no error there, I have always been a different size in those brands.)

I got some bras from the event, and ordered more using the kiosk that they have in the fitting room at Debenhams. It’s a really cool system, if they don’t have your size in store, you can buy them from the kiosk with a credit/debit card or a gift card, and get them delivered to your home address for free.

I had such a great time at the event with my friends, and can certainly recommend the selection and service of the Debenhams lingerie department to any woman!

Charlotte, me and Callie with Anneliese, Lotte and Charlotte from Curvy Kate (photo by Callie)
// me bloggaajat ja Curvy Katen tiimi

Curvy Kate Daily Boost – aka my boobs best friend – in natural, black and mocha
// Curvy Kate Daily Boost – eli siis rintojeni paras ystävä – nudena, mustana ja mokkana

Elomi Madison bra and briefs – isn’t the art deco-ish print lovely?
// Elomi Madison rintsikat ja pikkarit – eikö tuo printti olekin ihanan art deco-tyylistä?

Curvy Kate Portia bra and shorts in the stunning lime colourway
// Curvy Katen Portia-setti ihanan limen värisenä

Parisen viikkoa sitten meitä bloggaajia kutsuttiin Debenhams:in Oxford Streetin tavarataloon tutustumaan heidän alusvaateosastonsa tarjontaan. Sinä iltana osastolla oli ‘bra fit’-tapahtuma, jossa oli paikalla alusvaatemerkkien edustajia kertomassa tuotteistaan, ja myös sovittamassa naisia oikeisiin liivi-kokoihin. Jos olet seuranut blogiani jo jonkin aikaa, niin olet varmaan huomannut mun puhuvan siitä, miten tärkeää on olla oikean koon liiveissä. Siitä lähtien, kun ensimmäisen kerran sain kunnon sovituksen, niin olen käynyt uudelleen puolen vuoden välein. Rintsikoiden koko muuttuu meillä kaikilla helposti pienistä painon nousuista ja laskuista, ja tämän takia puolen vuoden välein sovitusta suositellaan. Itselläni oli juuri tämä puoli vuotta lähestymässä, ja tuntuikin liivit vähän hassulta.. Eli tämä tapahtuma tuli mulle oikeaan aikaan.

Ensimmäiseksi kuunneltiin Freya:n edustajien esitelmä tuotteista suuremmille kuppikoille, jossa he esittelivät ihania, uusia Freya:n malleja. Tämän jälkeen sain sovituksen  Curvy Kate:n Hannahilta, ja niinkuin ajattelinkin, oli kokoni Curvy Kate:ssa muuttunut 85HH:ksi ja Elomi:ssa 90GG:ksi. (Ja kyllä, olen aina ollut eri kokoa näissä merkeissä.)

Tapahtuma oli opettavainen ja mukava, ja shoppailuhan on aina hauskempaa kavereiden kanssa! Suosittelen Debenhams:in alusvaateosastoa lämpimästi, iso valikoima ja hyvä palvelu, eli Lontoon reissuilla kannattaa ehdottomasti käväistä!


OOTD: A splash of red

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Hey lovelies, I received href="http://panache-ä"
target="_blank">a BEAUTIFUL bra from href=""
target="_blank">Panache a couple of weeks ago, and I
wanted to build an outfit around it. I think this is the first time
I wanted to do this.. base an outfit around a bra! It was just so
amazing, that how could I not to. It’s not easy showing your
décolletage during winter, firstly because it’s cold, and secondly,
I really don’t like when it’s windy and I have a lot of skin
showing. BUT thankfully sheer tops are a big thing right now, and I
guess if you’re a regular reader you’ve seen that I’m obsessed with
them ;). I went with this cream sheer top, so that the vivid red of
the bra shows through – I love a bit of accent colour during
winter! OOTD: A splash of red src=""
width="853" height="1280" /> alt="OOTD: A splash of red"
width="853" height="1280" /> alt="OOTD: A splash of red"
width="1280" height="853" /> alt="OOTD: A splash of red"
width="853" height="1280" /> alt="OOTD: A splash of red"
width="853" height="1280" /> alt="OOTD: A splash of red"
width="853" height="1280" />

Bra*: 38H, href=""
target="_blank">Masquerade Rosetti by Panache in
Scarlet ( target="_blank">ASOS, href=""
target="_blank">Bravissimo) | Shirt: 24, George at
ASDA (similar at target="_blank">ASDA, similar at href="" target="_blank">Simply
Be, similar at target="_blank">Evans, similar at href="" target="_blank">Forever
21+) | Skirt: 22, ASOS Curve (didn’t find puffballs, but
skater at target="_blank">ASOS Curve, chiffon at href="" target="_blank">Macy’s,
jersey at target="_blank">Debenhams) | Tights: href=""
target="_blank">E, We Love Colors | Shoes: New
Look (similar at Debenhams: target="_blank">1, target="_blank">2, similar at href="" target="_blank">ASOS,
similar at target="_blank">New Look) | Clutch*: Next
(similar at target="_blank">Karmaloop, similar at href="" target="_blank">Ax
Paris, similar at target="_blank">Urban Outfitters) | Glasses*:
target="_blank">Four Eyes Fashion | Necklace*: href="" target="_blank">Boohoo
(similar at target="_blank">Dorothy Perkins, similar at href="" target="_blank">New
Look) | Lippy: Natural Collection Moisture Shine in
Crimson – available in Boots (similar by href=""

And the bra itself? I
love it! I got the same size that I was fitted in href=""
target="_blank">Panache Andorra, which is 38H, and it
fits me perfectly. It gives me lift and support, and looks
beautiful! Masquerade Rosetti in<br />
Scarlet src=""
width="1280" height="853" /> alt="Masquerade Rosetti in Scarlet"
width="1280" height="853" /> alt="Masquerade Rosetti in Scarlet"
width="1280" height="853" /> Do you like to show off a bra with
sheer tops? Are you a fan of Panache lingerie?


* denotes a gifted item

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Review: Leia

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Hello my lovelies,

Like I mentioned in my post from week ago, I went to Bluewater with Caroline of CurvyWordy, and our main intention was to visit Leia Lingerie. I was very excited to go bra shopping with Caroline, since she is what I call a guru when it comes to bras, the lady knows everything! She was the one who told me that I basically need to get fitted everywhere to know what my size is in each brand etc, so going to Leia store with her was a really great experience :). We were welcomed by the lovely store manager Leigh, who introduced us to Julie who did our fitting.

The only time that I have had a fitting before was at the Curvy Kate bloggers event (post here), and in their bras I’m a 38GG, so we used that as a starting point for me in Elomi bras. First bra we tried was the beautiful Betty, and we tried 3 sizes before we found the fit in 40GG. Julie and me agreed that either that or an H cup is the best fit for me in Betty, since my other boob is quite a bit bigger than the other. They didn’t have Betty in 40H in store, so we tried with some other Elomi model and that was WAY too big. I decided to take the risk without trying Betty in H cup, and actually after using it for a day I know that H is what I will purchase when I get my next Betty (and I will get many Betty’s in the future – love the bra). I also got the Betty brief, which is frilly and GORGEOUS.

After Julie and I got my size sorted in Betty, I mentioned to her what I REALLY needed. A sports bra and a strapless bra. Julie left the fitting room determined to help me find what I need. I really appreciated it that she really looked for items everywhere in the store (and apparently upstairs storage too). Sadly they didn’t have the Elomi Energise sports bras in store, and since I only wanted an underwired one, I only got one Freya bra to try. That one was sadly way too small, so Energise is definitely something that I want to try out in the future! (Might have to do a new visit to Leia soon! Haha.)

Then to my second ‘need’: strapless. I tried a few different brands and bras, with Elomi Smoothing being the best fit, but still nowhere near perfect for my boobs. Julie wasn’t going to give up though. Once again she said that ‘she’ll look upstairs’ and came back with the most gorgeous basque I’ve seen. It was of course the Elomi Occasions basque, and I REALLY wanted it to work for me. Now like you have seen, my underbust width is much less than around my belly, which means that the basque can never work for me as a proper basque with the suspender straps etc, but it works perfectly as a ‘bralet’. TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY. My problems with strapless are gone and I’m so completely happy about that! I fitted as 40G in the basque, but there’s still a bit of room in the cups, so I think that possibly a 40H-HH could also wear it, since I can as a GG :). The cups themselves have a light boning in them, which keeps the boobs in a perfect shape. I’m so in love with this basque… and if Elomi ever decides *hint, hint* to do a strapless bra with the same kind of light cup-boning, I will buy about zillion of those!

See! I can wear a strapless dress! Dress: 18, New Look (similar.. or actually a lot fancier, haha)

I also put together an outfit where I use the basque as a top. Looks pretty great like that, or what do you think?

Elomi Occasions basque in 40G (online store link) | Biker jacket: 20, Primark (similar) | Skirt: XL, Old Navy via Dani, and also shortened (similar) | Belt: XL, Dorothy Perkins (similar) | Heels: Clarks (similar)

What do you think? Successful bra-shopping? I’d say so! I love the cuteness of Betty and the sexiness of the basque, AND obviously the fact that it works so well for me as a strapless bra. LOVE. I want to give a HUGE thank you to Leigh and her fabulous staff, especially Julie of course. My readers, if you have a chance to visit the Leia Lingerie store in Bluewater I absolutely recommend going. The customer service is amazing and the lingerie gorgeous.. and to tempt you even more: Elomi has amazing stuff coming.. like for example.. A LONGLINE BRA…

See that gorgeous longline bra in the catalogue? It’s calling my name!

Yeah, I really think that the girls of the Bluewater store will be seeing me again soon, and obviously I’ll make Caroline go with me again ;)!!


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