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OOTD: Earthy cosy

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Hey my lovelies,

Sun is finally shining here in London (I hope this doesn’t jinx it), and I wanted to post an outfit that would be ideal for relaxed weekend walks in the crispy but sunny weather. I was recently contacted by Barratts and they offered me a pair of shoes for a review. I went with these amazing biker boots (on sale now), and I’m happy I did. I’ve wanted biker boots for a while, and I like the fact that these are brown instead of more usual black. They are really comfy on, and they don’t come up to my calf, which means that they are absolutely fine on me even though they are not wide legged boots. They also have my favourite thing at the moment: studs! (Well ok I lied, studs and spikes BOTH are my fave thing at the moment.. haha.)

I teamed them up with this Gap cape that I found in a charity shop a few months ago, it had a whopping price of £4.50 ;). It’s perfect since it’s not too hot, but it still keeps the wind away. And the scarf!! I have wanted a red tartan scarf for ages, and I saw this beauty on sale at H&M for £4.. score!

OOTD: Earthy cosy
OOTD: Earthy cosy
OOTD: Earthy cosy

OOTD: Earthy cosy
OOTD: Earthy cosy
OOTD: Earthy cosy

OOTD: Earthy cosy

Cape: One size, Gap – thrifted (similar at Simply Be: 1, 2) | Scarf: Divided, H&M (similar at ASOS, similar at Forever 21) | Top (just seen): 24, So Fabulous, Very | Velvet leggings: 24, New Look Inspire (similar at Macy’s, similar at Chubby Cartwheels) | Boots*: Barratts (similar at AX Paris, similar by ALDO) | Glasses*: Four Eyes Fashion | Lippy: Natural Collection Moisture Shine in Cranberry – available in Boots (similar by MAC)

Do you like biker boots? Barratts really has a nice selection of them, and all are on sale!


*denotes a gifted item


Curvy Kate’s 3rd Birthday: Bloggers event

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I was lucky to be invited to Curvy Kate‘s 3rd Birthday bloggers event last Wednesday. I was excited from the second I read the invite, since I read that we’d have a chance to be fitted. I’ve known for a while that I wear a wrong size bra, but somehow I haven’t gotten myself to go and get fitted.. so this event came in a right time. I was also happy that I was going to meet bloggers who I hadn’t met before, so I was basically waiting for it to be a fun evening.

But it was more! I met such a nice bunch of ladies that evening, Curvy Kate employees, Curvy Kate models, my fellow bloggers. I had a really great time… and I guess I should tell you more about it :)!

First of all, here’s what I wore that day..

Top: 2X, Forever 21+ (similar in black) | Skirt: 2X, Forever 21+ (similar) | Shoes: TOMS | Bag: Gap (similar) | Glasses: LensWay (similar) | Headband: George at ASDA (similar) | Lippy: Natural Collection Moisture Shine in Crimson (available in Boots)

I had made plans on Twitter to meet the lovely Callie at Harrow-on-the-Hill station and then go to the Curvy Kate office together. Long story short we got a bit lost, but thankfully cab didn’t cost too much ;). We were the first ones to arrive, and we were welcomed by the ladies from Curvy Kate, Hannah, Cheryl, Charlotte and Kim. We got drinks and saw our cute personalised goodie bags :)

We had our pictures taken and had nice chats with the other bloggers. The other bloggers in the event were Becky, Callie, Gemma, Jess, Kitty and Lilla, all of them really lovely girls who I was happy to meet :)!

Hannah and Charlotte were telling us about the company, both from marketing and design view, and it was nice to hear facts and also see how well the girls got along. It looks like a great company to work for, since everyone treated each other like family :). But of course we wanted to see some pretty lingerie in person, so that’s when the gorgeous Curvy Kate models Alice, Charlotte, Lizzie and Sophie walked out. Curvy Kate uses real women as models, and all of the ladies present were found from Curvy Kate’s Star In A Bra competition, two of them being winners from 2011 and 2012. The girls were absolutely beautiful and funny. It was great to see them joking around (I’m repeating myself, but yeah, like a family).

See these pics and you know what I mean :D.

And the lingerie? GORGEOUS. These were my favourite sets:
And here are the models with the head designer Charlotte:
After that it was the time that I had been waiting for the most: fitting! I turned out to be the most challenging blogger in this matter. We tried quite a few bras, and finally the perfect fit was found from the sample rack! That was the Daily Boost in 40GG.. and yes, my bra size was definitely wrong, since I wore 44DD before. All the ladies present were quite shocked to hear that! But now I know my real size, and can’t wait to get new bras, since the difference in support and how they felt was HUGE!

Thank you ladies of Curvy Kate for inviting me, and especially for helping me to find my real bra size :)! I had a really great time, and I hope to see all of these girls again soon!


OOTD: Camden

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I’ve had a busy week. Tris was visiting me, and I have had a great time :). On Sunday we went to Camden to walk around the market, and this is what I wore. I’m continuing my ‘no leggings’-theme, and I think I’m starting to pull it off.. And isn’t the t-shirt cute? Tris brought it for me, the drawing is by him, and I just love that monkey hat :).

Denim jacket: 22, Dorothy Perkins | Shirt: present from Tris | Skirt: 22, ASOS Curve | Boots: Evans (similar) | Bag: Gap (similar) | Glasses: LensWay


OOTD: Greetings from Coney Island

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I’m backkkkk! Did you miss me? ;)

NYC was so awesome! I loved hanging out with one of my best friends, we’ve known each other for about 20 years, but this was our first girly week long holiday together. We shopped (way too much.. damn you Old Navy), went to eat in lovely places, walked on The High Line, went to Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, had cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, cycled in Central Park.. and most of all enjoyed the amazing weather. We went to Coney Island on Wednesday morning, and it was SO beautiful and warm in there. We both even got a bit tanned :D! It seemed like the perfect place for my outfit pics, my first attempt on more ‘arty’ pics, haha. My face looks rather stupid in almost all of them, since sun was shining in to my eyes, but well, I love the colours in the pics, so I have to post them. What do you think?

Shirt: XXL, Old Navy (similar) | Tank top: 16, Primark (similar) | Skirt: 20, Old Navy+ (similar) | Leggings: 16/18, Primark | Shoes: 8, Minnetonka Moccasins | Bag: Gap (similar) | Glasses: LensWay

I found the skirt and shirt from Old Navy flagship store’s clearance section that was HUGE. Old Navy doesn’t stock plus sizes anymore, but they did have some pieces still in clearance. This skirt was an awesome find and I LOVE it. I also got my Minnetonka’s from NYC, and they are not only cute, they are SUPER comfy.

Oh, and in case you were wondering.. we did taste hot dogs at their birth place: Nathan’s. Very yummy. ;)


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