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Fatshion Faceoff: Statement ring (and Junarose: November #1)

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(Suomeksi kuvien alla)

Hello my lovelies,

It’s time for Fatshion Faceoff again! If you’re new to the blog, please see here what Fatshion Faceoff is about :). This week’s item was chosen by Mouna, and she chose a statement ring. And as you probably know, I’m one of the blogger ambassadors for the Danish brand Junarose (more about it in this post), and as a part of that I get to pick a few items from them every month. So I’m doing this post as a ‘double post’, both Fatshion Faceoff and the first one of my November Junarose posts :).

This month I chose a dress, top and jeans from Junarose, and in this outfit you will see the dress. It’s a basic black skater dress (on sale now!), and it’s really comfy and versatile – good choice from me definitely! I teamed it up with a blue blazer (also from Junarose), wetlook leggings, platform ankleboots, my amazing new bag from Just Fab, and obviously a statement ring – a golden big bow by ASOS Curve.

Blazer: 20, Junarose | Dress*: XL, Junarose | Leggings: INC at Macy’s (similar at ASOS Curve) | Boots: Evans | Bag*: Just Fab | Ring: ASOS Curve | Glasses: SpecsPost | Lippy: Lumene Wild Rose Lipstick SPF 15 in 88, Bare Nature

Bleiseri: 48, Junarose | Mekko*: XL, Junarose | Leggingsit: INC at Macy’s (saman tyyliset ASOS Curvella) | Saappaat: Evans | Laukku*: Just Fab | Sormus: ASOS Curve | Rillit: SpecsPost | Huulipuna: Lumene Wild Rose Huulipuna SPF 15 sävy 88, Bare Nature


Nyt olis jälleen Fatshion Faceoffin aika. Jos et ole vielä tietoinen tästä ‘projektista’ jota teen 4 muun plussa-bloggaajan kanssa, niin lisätietoa (englanniksi) löytyy täältä. Tämän viikon teemaksi Mouna valitsi näyttävän sormuksen. Ja niinkuin varmaan jo tiedätte, olen yksi tanskalaisen Junarosen bloggeri-lähettiläistä (lisätietoa englanniksi tässä postauksessa), ja osana tätä ohjelmaa saan joka kuukausi valita pari tuotetta heiltä. Eli tämä on nyt sitten tällainen ‘tuplapostaus’, joka on sekä Fatshion Faceoff että ensimmäinen marraskuun Junarose-postauksista :).

Tässä kuussa valitsin Junaroselta mekon, t-paidan ja farkut, ja tässä asussa näkyy tuo mekko. Se on ihan perus skater-mallinen mekko (muuten nyt alessa!), ja mekko on ihanan mukava ja myös monikäyttöinen – loistava valinta meikäläiseltä! Yhdistin siihen sinisen bleiserin (myös Junaroselta), ‘wetlook’ leggingsit, korkonilkkurit, ihanan uuden laukkuni, ja tietysti myös sen näyttävän sormuksen – kultaisen rusetin ASOS Curvelta.


Dani: DIY Fatshion (USA)
Mhairi: Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps (UK)
Mouna: Brussels Fatshion (Belgium)
Olivia: Wait Until The Sunset (Australia)

* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu


Fashion World Shapewear Challenge

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(Tämä on yhteistyö Fashion Worldin kanssa, ja koska he eivät valitettavasti toimita Suomeen päätin jättää käännöksen tekemättä. Seuraava postaus tulee taas myös suomeksi.)

Hello my lovies,

A few weeks ago I was asked by Fashion World if I wanted to take part in their shapewear challenge. I haven’t really worn much shapewear, only highwaisted knickers really, so I was intrigued and replied yes.

They kindly let me choose a party dress and shoes, and with them they sent me 3 different pieces of shapewear. They also sent me scorecards for each item, and I was meant to take photos wearing my party dress with each item. So that is exactly what I did, and first I will show you the scorecard images and then the final party outfit.

First up is the MAGISCULPT Retro Underbust Bodyshaper* in size 26. I really love how it looks on the model, but unfortunately it didn’t work on me at all. It looks ok, and smooths my belly like it should, but the poppers in the crotch kept on opening all the time if I moved. I think I possibly should have sized up to get rid of this issue, but I feel that then it would have been too loose in my belly area. Maybe my back is just too long for this type of shapewear, as I did have the shoulder straps on maximum lenght too. So for that reason some of the scores are so low, never knowing when the poppers would open.

Next up is the MAGISCULPT High Waist Thigh Shaper* in size 26. I did really like the effect of this shapewear, and it felt really supportive on. Unfortunately that ended when my legs started. I got extra rolls in my thighs, because the shorts were so tight and my thighs are all squishy. And this type of shapewear doesn’t work with my chosen dress either, as the shorts showed fully in the slit part of the skirt. (Sadly it isn’t visible in the photos because I have black tights on.) So those are the reasons for the low confidence score, I didn’t want them to show, and the extra rolls weren’t nice either.

Finally my favourite, MAGISCULPT Pack of 3 Control Briefs* (size 26) – and I have actually worn these before too, so happy to have a new stock ;)! These knickers almost come up to my boobs, and smooth my belly without being crazy tight. Definitely my choice of shapewear in the future too :)! Really amazing value for money too, as 3 pairs are only £24 – I wholeheartedly recommend!

But even though some of my scores were low, the final outfit turned out to be one of my favourites in a while! So yes, here’s my final party look, with that last type of shapewear underneath. I decided to accessorise with this lovely clutch I got from the goodie bag at Accessorize SS14 press day, and this most gorgeous nude lippy for my skintone. It’s from Finnish brand Lumene, who unfortunately aren’t stocked anywhere in the UK. (US readers can find Lumene at Walgreens and for example.) Mimmi brought me this lipstick when she came to visit me last month, and I’m so happy to have found this perfect nude!

Dress*: 26, Fashion World | Tights: 22-26, Yours Clothing | Shoes*: Claire Richards for Fashion World | Bag*: Accessorize | Glasses: SpecsPost | Lippy: Lumene Wild Rose Lipstick SPF 15 in 88, Bare Nature

* denotes a gifted item


Today’s OOTD, and my first ever giveaway!

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Today has been quite hellish day. I have felt so moody, I for example cried at work today. I felt really horrible, but big part of me wanted to stay at work, cos I was supposed to work on an interesting new project. So, this ‘go/stay/go/stay’ thing was going on in my head and I just started crying. EMBARRASSING. I’m so happy that I had told my boss a couple of weeks ago that my doc took me off my thyroid meds (I’ve got an overactive thyroid), and that these mood swings might happen. Well yeah, I will not go to the office tomorrow, will go to the hospital for some tests. I hope they find some reason for this, all this weirdness can’t be only in my head!

Even though you will see the tiredness and the fake smile in my pics, I still wanted to share today’s outfit. This dress was one of the few things that I actually paid full price for on my NYC trip, and it’s again from Old Navy. I like it, but I’m not sure if I love it. What do you think? What I do love though is my shoes! They’re Office shoes that I found for £4 (!!!!) from a charity shop, they had only been worn once or twice. I think they’re so cute, definitely one of my best thrifting finds. (And sorry about the laundry, I wish I had a much bigger room/flat/house.)

Dress: XXL, Old Navy | Leggings: 16/18, Primark | Shoes: 42 (extra insole needed, haha), Office – thrifted | Glasses: LensWay

Since I needed some cheering up, I decided to do something that I have been wanting to do for a while, but been too lazy to sort out. You saw it in the title already…. it’s a GIVEAWAYYYYYYYYYY!!! And here’s what you can win…

Fashion book by Fifi Lapin | Glittery clutch bag by Forever 21 | Purple glitter eyeshadow by Miners | Grey eyeshadow by Lumene | Coconut body scrub by The Body Shop


Like what you see? Then ENTER! You can do that by leaving me a comment here and letting me know you want to enter :). You get an extra entry if you follow me on Twitter and tweet this: ‘I just entered @fattyschallenge’s first ever giveaway at The Wardrobe Challenge –’. If you do that, leave me another comment and let me know your Twitter username. I will close the entries on the evening of Tuesday 3rd April, and will choose the winner using Random.Org. 


EDIT: Entries closed – winner will be announced in my next post!

Yay, that’s it! Hope you like this little giveaway!

Disclaimer: I purchased all these items myself, this is not a sponsored giveaway. And I post to anywhere, so feel free to enter :)


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