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Blue Tulle

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(Suomeksi kuvien alla)

I was a complete tomboy as a kid. Short hair, no dresses (except when I was made to wear one for parties, weddings etc), no Barbies.. But now as a grown woman I have a huge love towards a few mega girly things, like tutus. My God how much I love tutus!!!

So when I saw this gorgeous, navy number at ASOS main range, I knew I had to try if the size 18 would fit me. Oh and it does, even though I’m usually size 24-26 <3! I adore this skirt, it makes me feel super cute, and I just have to smile when I think about it!

Unfortunately the big sizes are sold out at the moment, but if you fancy one yourself, just keep an eye out for returns! (And I hope ASOS will bring it back in another colour, as there was burgundy one before this.)

T-shirt / T-paita: 20, Simply Be (similar) | Skirt / Hame: 18, ASOS | Skirt / Hame (underneath the tutu / tutun alla): XL, Old Navy (similar) | Socks /Sukat: Matalan (similar) | Boots / Kengät: River Island (similar) | Necklace / Kaulakoru: H&M (similar) | Rings / Sormukset: New Look Inspire & various others | Glasses / Rillit: Select Specs | Lippy / Huulipuna: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Vibrant Mandarin

Mä olin täysin ‘poikatyttö’ lapsena. Lyhyt tukka, ei mekkoja (paitsi juhlissa, kun oli pakko), ei Barbieita.. Mutta nyt aikuisena jotkut super-tyttömäiset jutut vetää mua puoleensa kuin magneetti, kuten tutu-hameet. Siis RAKASTAN tutuja!

Eli heti kun näin tämän upean, sinisen tulle-hameen ASOS:in päämallistossa, niin tiesin, että mun on kokeiltava josko koko 18 mahtuisi. JA SEHÄN MAHTUU, vaikka yleensä käytän kokoa 24-26 <3! En kestä, miten iloiseksi tää hame saa mut, ei oo hymylle loppua :)!

Valitettavasti hameesta on nyt isot koot loppuunmyyty, mutta jos himoitset tätä tutua itsekin, niin kannattaa kytätä palautuksia! (Ja eiköhän ASOS tee näitä vielä jossain muussa värissä, sillä tätä ennen heillä oli tällainen burgundynä.)


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Cropped and Pink

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(Suomeksi kuvien alla)

Hello my lovies,

Another quick outfit post for you. I wore this outfit to an event a few weeks ago, and felt really cute in it. That’s why I thought I’d take proper outfit photos of it all later on. Anyway, I guess there’s something about a fluffy, pink jumper that makes one feel cute ;).

Bomber jacket / Takki*: M, Junarose (similar, similar) | Jumper / Villapaita: 14, F&F Tesco (similar) | Skirt / Hame: XXL, Old Navy – shortened (similar) | Leggings: 22, Evans | Boots / Saappaat*: Simply Be UK (EU) | Necklace / Kaulakoru: H&M (similar) | Glasses / Rillit: Select Specs | Lippy / Huulipuna: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Pink Pop


Pikaista asupostausta pukkaisi tänään.. Mulla oli tämä asu päällä yhdessä tapahtumassa pari viikkoa sitten, ja tunsin itseni siinä kyllä aika söpöksi, haha. Siispä ajattelin kuvata siitä kunnon asukuvat nyt myöhemmin, ja hei, ehkä se on tuo pinkki ja pörröinen villapaita joka sen söpöyden tuo vähän väkisinkin ;).


* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu


Plus North Premier Sponsor Spotlight: Yours Clothing

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Hello lovelies,

I’m here in sunny Finland, enjoying time with family and friend.. and also preparing busily for my dad’s 60th birthday party which is tomorrow. So from the middle of all this busy I’m bringing you the first of our Plus North Premier Sponsor Spotlights! I’m not sure if you know this already, but this year I’m a part of the Plus North Team, I’ve been designing all their marketing materials etc. I’m happy to be a part of the team, and can’t wait for the event in a 4 week’s time :).

Now when we are close to the event itself we are doing a series of spotlight posts of the premier sponsors, and the first one is Yours Clothing. Yours wasn’t a part of the event last year, so we are very excited to welcome them aboard this time! As a part of this spotlight we have been sent this cute dandelion print dress which we are all styling our own way. The dress is really comfy, and I LOVE the pockets – well we all love the pockets, am I right? I wore the dress to work one day last week, and liked the look with a chambray shirt and the hair bow :).

Dress*: 24, Yours Clothing | Chambray shirt: XXL, Old Navy (similar at Old Navy, ASOS Curve) | Sandals: Old Navy | Hair bow: New Look (cute bows at New Look) | Bag: Primark (similar at Topshop) | Glasses: Select Specs | Lippy: Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch (UK link, US link)

Now go and check out how the other Plus North team members styled their dresses :)

Becky of The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe
Toni of The Only Way is Toni
Rosie of A Rose Like This
Mhairi of Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps

* denotes a gifted item


Fatshion Faceoff: Green dress

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Hello lovelies,

Once again it’s Wednesday, and I’m sure you know it’s Fatshion Faceoff time! If you’re new to the blog, please see here what Fatshion Faceoff is about :). This week’s item was chosen by Mhairi, and she chose a green dress or top.

I still have plenty of outfits to post from my NYC trip, but since this fits the theme perfectly, I will be posting my outfit from our last day in NYC. I got this super comfy dress from Old Navy clearance, and my decision to wear it on the travel day was a great one. I didn’t feel uncomfortable on a plane or too hot or too cold – perfect travel outfit.

And hey, where else to take the last NYC pics than next to a Big Apple ;)

Dress: XXL, Old Navy (similar at ASOS Curve: 1, 2, 3, similar at Simply Be) | Belt: thrifted (similar at ASOS Curve) | Sandals: Evans | Glasses: Select Specs

Now let’s go see what kind of green dresses or tops the other girls are wearing!

Dani: DIY Fatshion (USA)
Mhairi: Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps (UK)
Mouna: Brussels Fatshion (Belgium)
Olivia: Wait Until The Sunset (Australia)



(even though the carousel only shows different colours, all the dresses are available in bright green)


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