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(Suomeksi kuvien alla)

Hello my lovies,

Here’s another quick outfit post, as I HAVE TO share these sale bargains with you. I got this awesome boyfriend coat (£13) and leather-look pencil skirt (£6) from New Look sale… So yes, total price for them was £19! This coat is totally on trend at the moment, and the skirt is soft and comfy – both still have all sizes in stock, so click through for amazing bargains! (Notice: I sized up for both, which was great for the coat, but could have taken my usual size for the skirt.)

Coat / Takki: 26, New Look Inspire | Top / Paita: 20, Primark (similar) | Skirt / Hame: 28, New Look Inspire | Shoes / Kengät*: Shopbop (similar) | Necklace / Kaulakoru: H&M (similar) | Clutch / Laukku: Dorothy Perkins (similar, holographic clutch in black) | Glasses / Rillit: Select Specs | Lippy / Huulipuna: Rimmel London Kate Moss shade 110 (similar)


Tässäpä pikainen asupostaus, sillä mun on ihan PAKKO jakaa nämä alelöydöt teidän kanssa. Ostin tämän takin (£13) ja hameen (£6) New Lookin alesta, yhteishinta siis uskomaton 19 puntaa (noin 23€)! Takki on just tämän hetken trendien mukainen, ja hame tosi kiva ja pehmeä. Kummassakin on edelleen kaikkia kokoja varastossa, eli todella kantsii klikata ja shopata! (Huom: Otin kummastakin isomman koon kuin yleensä, takin kanssa kannatti, mutta hameessa olisin voinut pysytellä omassa koossani.)


* denotes a gifted item / * tuote blogin kautta saatu


Sale picks: ASOS, Evans & Simply Be

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Hello lovelies,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas :). I’m back in London myself, but my shoulder is really bad currently, and I will have to keep using the computer in minimum. I have been doing a lot of mobile browsing though, and the current sales are making me weep, wishing that I had money to burn.. below are my top picks from ASOS, Evans and Simply Be – so much amazingness! Happy shopping, shop on my behalf too :)! (Some of the products I own already, but since I definitely recommend them, I added them to these lists.)



Toivottavasti teillä kaikilla oli kiva joulu :). Mä olen jo palannut takaisin Lontooseen, mutta tämä mun olkapää on tosi pahana, ja yritän pitää koneella olemisen minimissä. Olen kuitenkin surffaillut netissä puhelimeni avulla, ja kaupoilla on nyt aivan ihania aleja, oikein itkettää ettei ole nyt yhtään ylimääräistä rahaa.. alla on valintani ASOSinEvansin and Simply Ben aleista. (ASOS ja Evans siis toimittavat myös Suomeen.) Aivan ihania juttuja, nauttikaa te shoppailusta :)! (Jotkut näistä valinnoista mulla itselläni on jo, mutta koska ehdottomasti suosittelen niitä, niin lisäsin ne listoille.)


My awesome sale finds!

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I’ve been feeling unwell today, left work before lunch and have been in bed since that. I still wanted to do a post about my sale finds from the past few weeks, and I’m very pleased with my finds. Some of this stuff I have been eyeing for AGES, but since I try not to spend so much (erm, still shopping all the time.. I do have a slight problem, haha) I have resisted buying them in full price and taking the risk that they never go on sale. Some of these you have seen in my earlier posts, but I still wanted to include them in this post, since they are awesome sale finds ;). If you want to check them out and purchase your own, the images are links to the products.

Dorothy Perkins

Stone Bow Print Cardigan, £15 (was £28) – and got extra 25% off, so paid £11.25

New Look

Inspire Stripe Skater Dress, £11 (was £26.99) – out of stock already

Inspire Swallow Print Dress, £12 (was £24.99) – out of stock already

Inspire High Waisted Coloured Skinny Jean in coral (also available in green), £13 (was £26.99)

Inspire Floral Body Con Dress, £8 (was £19.99)

Inspire Leopard Print Mini Skirt, £7 (was £17.99)

Tie Front Tee, £5 (was £12.99)


Curve Ovoid Coat In Black And Orange Check, £36 (was £100)

Curve Exclusive Party Playsuit With Lace, £16 (was £40)

Simply Be

Button Front Denim Skirt, £9 (was £30) – and got extra 10% off, so paid £8.10

One Stop Plus

Satin Blouse, £5.20 (was £13) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £4.42

Bolero, £6.45 (was £11) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £5.61

Openwork Knit Leggings, £3.30 (was £11) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £2.80

Leather Look Leggings, £11 (was £35) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £9.35

I also got ALL of these with free delivery, so no money wasted on that either ;). Completely amazing, eh?

OK, let’s do some maths. IF I would have bought these in normal price (and I seriously did eye most of these before, like the amazing Inspire swallow dress), the total would be a whopping £397.94 and now I paid £119.25!!! Sometimes waiting does pay off – although it is a risk that you will miss something you really want – and yes, I am really happy! (Here’s hoping that everything fits me when they arrive.. haha.)

So what do you think of my haul readers? And have you made great sale finds lately?


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